June 28, 2005

A Proper Resignation Letter, Indeed

Someone who may or may not be a current co-worker of mine said his mom gave him some old sheet music of his that was clogging up her closet, and this little gem was mixed in (click to enlarge)...

June 26, 2005

Sunday Furry Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday and I remembered that Blogger has recently made it so much easier to post photos...right from the compose-window, so I whipped out the camera. Lil, left, is always such a willing subject. Here, she shows off her freakishly long legs.

Here she is with her main man, Rufus.
e the pretty new gold bell.

June 23, 2005

Ex Party

In the morning while I eat breakfast and otherwise get ready for work, I watch The Practice reruns on FX. Often, there are special guest stars on the show, many that I love. Betty White, William Shatner, James Spader (although he later became a major character, so I don't know if he counts), Leslie's boyfriend Patrick Dempsey, DB Woodside, blah blah blah.

But today, today when I turned on the tv, the most handsome and talented Tony Danza was on! I was super-excited. The best part was when he was speaking in legal terms and his line included "ex parte" and he said "ex party"! Even better, there are at least two more episodes I have to look forward to. I love him. I. Am. Not. Ashamed.

June 20, 2005


kix copy
Originally uploaded by Littlebag.
Here is yet another argument for my fear that I may not be ready to be a parent. I inadvertantly let my nephew eat the side of the kix box!

June 17, 2005

This just in..... Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have a love child

There is an episode of the stellar MTV show "Date My Mom" and I swear the guy is a perfect example of "If They Made It" except that he looks human. He looks just like a mix between the two and he sounds just like Ben Affleck. It is so crazy. Be on the lookout!

(Sorry to bite on your style G with the title!)

June 16, 2005

This just in...there's no hope!

For some reason I actually meandered around the ODU alumni website and found the "Class Notes" section where people brag about their fantastic lives; babies, jobs, marraige, colonoscopies. I came across one that made me laugh, and sort of want to cry too.

Obermark, Michael Posted: 3/15/2005 11:30:13 AM
Class of 2004

I never see a negative message about a career and I just thought Id be the first

I am currently working at a temp agency with no hope of ever getting a full time position, dispite carrying the load of several people and volunteering for extensive additional job functions.

I cant pay the rent on a postage stamp house in a very bad section of Norfolk. I have no benefits to speak of dispite having a serious illness, which continues to go undiagnosed because of my lack of time off or money to pay for better medical care.

Upon graduation from the Finance program I met three types of people, those who couldn't tell the difference between Finance and Accounting, those who could care less about the differences between Finance and Accounting, and those who felt a Finance degree was pretty much worthless and/or only applicable in the "Financial Sales" field. This has led me to instruct every individual I meet in the Finance program to get into Accounting before they end up like me.

I have no career, and dispite exhausting attempts to locate one, I continue to have no career. The potential of ever finding one in Hampton Roads is slim to none.

Just felt I should give the increasing swell of unemployed and underemployed alumnus a voice.


I feel for you Mike! The only advice I have for you is that it's "despite", not "dispite". Good luck.

June 15, 2005

Burning Blue Bell

I have been toiling with the notion of selling my blueberry laptop (iMac) for a few months now. After working on my superior G4 and G5 at work I’ve been impatient with my dated home model computer. I find myself not being able to wait on her to boot up and become even more infuriated as she will not open movie trailers, flash websites, or listen to MP3’s without an extreme waiting period. Bluebell’s refusal to get with the times has now become an impediment to my existence. I can’t update my ipod. I can’t read internet gossip, and I can’t view my home pictures without her crashing.

But there was another time when she was the centerpiece of my technological existence.
We were a team. Designing flash animations, the pyramids of Egypt, a Stephen King mock website-portable joy. The world at my finger tips. She was my first large financial purchase, that I bungled (but then recovered from).

CNN had this segment on the other night about selling your old computers to third party buyers. It made me really paranoid because I had been considering putting bluebell on the market. Thing is these third party buyers purchase your computer and apparently get a free peak in on your life. By whatever hacking means necessary, they can find out all the things they need to know about you. I mean I guess we do give ourselves away by purchasing and viewing things on the internet.

CA had mentioned possibly setting her on fire. Which led to this whole crazily wrong train of thought—if I did burn bluebell it would have to be on a pyre of some sorts. A leaf-barrel just feels wrong.

On Feeling Broke in a bad way…
I was supposed to go and see Modest Mouse with a new friend tonight but a bad case of poor budgeting has left me high and dry. The only thing I’ll be watching is TBS.

Felt mildly shamed as caffeine addiction forced me to beg 15 cents out of a coworker.
Younger non-spoilt Leslie would have sucked down a water and called it a day.

During my wild evening out in which I called CA in a fit of drunken desperation I vehemently protested 10-dollar cover charge for LADIES. That’s just wrong.

I had fun though - so I guess impending broke-ness this week was worth it.
It’s like CA says it’s never a loss when you are going OUT, because you were OUT being social versus dumbing it down with Boobney Spears and K-Fed.

June 13, 2005

In the news

I was watching WAVY TV today and they were interviewing this man about his feelings on a recent gun attack on one of his neighbors. It was first explained that only a week or two prior to today’s incident his neighbor on the opposing side of his house had been mowed down in gunfire. When asked how he felt about the situation by a reporter, he had this to say: “ I FEEL like I may need to move.” The enunciation was hilarious only because the reporter acted really astounded at his answer. It reminded me of the time Beyonce (at the MTV movie awards) said to Pink: “What’s your dogs name?” Pink responds: “Fucker.” Beyonce sadfaced: “Back to you Kurt.” I feel like you need to move too brother.

TV guide this week panned Lisa Kudrow’s new show “The Comeback.” I must say I did not laugh once but felt an odd urge to cry for her character a couple of times. I couldn’t see her as Valerie Cherish whatever only as Phoebe.

My notable argument of the week was Patrick Dempsey. I bought TV guide only because he graced the cover. Tiesha seemed almost angry that I found him attractive which made the argument funny. She was like “He is NOT cute.” And me ALA the Clumps : “YES. HE. IS!” Me and CA did the “I think” thing not to many blogs ago. I think is an opinion. I think Patrick Dempsey is attractive. But if you have scientific reason that would make me find him unattractive, then bring it!

Now here’s something to look forward to!

From the associated press:

Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican who voted for the war, told ABC's "This Week" that he will join congressmen introducing legislation this week calling for a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

"I just feel that the reason of going in for weapons of mass destruction, the ability of the Iraqis to make a nuclear weapon, that's all been proven that it was never there," Jones said Sunday. "I feel that we've done about as much as we can do."

Feeling older, in a weird way ;O

I’m filled with random bursts of wackiness. There’s something simmering on the back-burner that I can’t talk about just yet, but am super-giggly over it nonetheless…details to come.

Let’s see…my big weekend? Not so big, even if I did receive one monumental drunk dial from Ms. Leslie Paxton. She sounded in such dire straights, as most drunk dials tend to…In fact, the only reason I’ve tried to remain in Hench’s good graces is for fear that she’s somehow saved all of those late-night voicemails from my college years. Like the one where I reported on a scuffle in the Backstage CafĂ© bathroom with some hoochies who were hatin’ on Temesgen’s name. Or the series of messages I left, one less coherent than the last, ending in a message where the only discernable phrase was “This is Carol Ann (redacted!)”.

But back to Leslie, as Hench would with me, I clarified that she had someone in charge of her (thanks Marcia!), so I wasn’t so worried. As if I could do MUCH from three states away, but you know. The sentiment is the same, and I DO still know some bitches in Norfolk that could handle some business if need be.
I’m not making sense and am unnecessarily foul-fingered because the receptionist called out sick so I’m stuck at the front desk for the afternoon. I did though, make sure I would at least be able to play some Snood (yes, sadly still addicted) while sitting here. Thank god for networks…makes getting around those pesky administrator install privileges much easier.

June 11, 2005

I guess you hadda be there!

The other day Baxter and I were in the lobby of our building waiting for the elevator. As we were waiting, our neighbor guy that lives down the hall from us walked up to wait for the elevator as well. He was carrying some bags and a soda cup from a fast food place. We exchanged our polite greetings, and then Baxter asked nosily, "What you got, Burger King?" Neighbor guy, a little disconcerted, said "Yeah, why can you smell it?" Bax said no, he could tell from the cup. Ok! Neighbor guy, indicating that he felt shame for being caught with fast food, said something about it not being good for you but sometimes you just gotta eat it, blah blah..... Then Bax says, all deadpan while staring at the dude's bag with this weird creepy look on his face, "I think the last time I saw you, you had McDonald's or something." I tried to laugh and lighten the moment so dude wouldn't think we were two accusatory weirdo-creeps. I mean, I know that Baxter isn't a weirdo-creep, he just loves his Burger King. He may even have been drooling.

We got on the elevator, and the guy asked us what floor so he could push the button for us; well, we live on the same floor and after we said "7" he said, "I keep forgetting that we are neighbors!" After he went right and we went left off the elevator, Bax said to me "I don't think he remembers me from the other night." (He had bumped into him coming home late one night and they had discussed Wu Tang or something similar.) Well, he isn't likely to forget you now, I thought to myself, after you just creeped him out and nonverbally accused him of being a fast food monster.

But then he ran into him today, and neighbor guy said that they should "hide beers" sometime. So I guess he wasn't too creeped out.

June 7, 2005


So I’ve listened to “Banquet” by Bloc Party and I feel satisfied after about 20 listens that I can move on to another song. I don’t know how I end up going through these phases where I hear a song I love and must play it til my ears bleed. A few years ago me and former co-worker extraordinaire Cattina listened to Jimmy Eat World’s rendition of “Last Christmas” (by Wham) about 50 times and the odd thing is during that particular day I only wanted to hear it again. Now I can’t sit through it at all. A similiar thing has happened to me with bologne and mcDonalds chicken nuggets. I haven't had a bologne sandwich since 1988.

Repeated listening can also make a person love a song that they don’t really like by merely planting it in their brain. Case in point for me: “I Don’t Wanna Be’ by Gavin Degraw. I hated this song because the point played it every five minutes. The opening lines grated my nerves to the point where I would change the station. Then suddenly on listen 188 or so, I really like the song..the lyrics the whole package. It’s odd how that works. “All I gotta do is thing of me and my piece of mind….lalala.”

June 2, 2005

Leslie asked me to post this...she says it about sums up her day. Posted by Hello

Smart Advertising?

pier1, originally uploaded by allarounddope.

I've never proclaimed to be a grammar wizard...English major yes, but super-stickler for proper usage I am not.

But for some reason, the new Pier 1 slogan just bugs me. Life more interesting. It doesn't make sense without a comma. As is it has a weird (dare I say it) ebonics feel to it that I'm not sure was the aim of the campaign.

Am I crazy? Or just too stupid to get it?