May 11, 2011

Wax Ecstatic

Wow, remind me to never post directly after a wine festival (or for the record visit stores I frequent during the non-intoxicated work week). Apparently my drunk logic lends itself to curious nostalgic emo. I'm also submitting this image (stolen from Lani's wall) to verify that I should wear sundresses more often, and dark large black glasses instantly make you anonymous in a crowd.

Nothing epic to write home about today so far. Lots of work - BUT - I will give THOR - the Leslie stamp of approval. Also oddly, this is the 3rd feature length movie I've watched (at all recently) and all 3 have had Natalie Portman in them. Not by active choice but by fate. I'm curious to see if she cameos in Bridesmaids and Harry Potter just to keep the streak running.

May 4, 2011

On whale painted parking lots...

I had been looking for awhile to find something joyous in the elevator and parking lot situation at the new jobby and this morning I found it. In pouring rain, I have no outside transition from car to office. There is now garage, lobby, elevator, desk. Which = dry non-pooftastic-Mufasa hair.

Still nothing positive to relay on elevators.