December 27, 2012

On lunches (post feast related holidays)...

I  always feel rude turning down lunch invites.

What I actually said out of my mouth after looking directly at bagged lunch on my desk: I'd love to. (swarmy).

10 minutes later what I actually typed: Hey K, I forgot I had to run some errands on my lunch break today (lie). I will def be up for next Mexican outing though! (lie with emphasis!) Thanks for the invite! (truth..oh my what am I doing..) End with cold digital work signature.

The unedited version:
"Thanks so much for inviting me to the Mexican place for lunch..while I find your company delightful..I find the food grease-laden and covered in toxins (true delicious toxins)....also I have eaten enough to feed a small Nigerian populus over the course of the holidays and need to starve today to feel better about myself the rest of the week (very true) ...thanx for the invite,  smooches - Leslie"

The answer to these answers:


December 12, 2012

Flu Flu Katchoo..

I think I have the flu...I'm going to admit defeat and go to the doctor today. This is quite a departure from typical Leslie behavior in which I attempt all friendly advisments and google diagnosis and try to handle the situation myself.

I thought I'd jot down a few of the recommendations I've gotten from friends, colleagues, and random Christmas party attendants all of whom want me to feel better.

1. Green Tea: I've consumed more of this substance than I care to share. I waited patiently for my skin to clear, my hair to fluff out and my life to generally get more awesome. Alas, its' only tea - my throat still hurts, my hair still resembles a disco lion, and stall number 4 at work is tired of lovely face.  I'm more of a Sleepytime, Earl Grey, and Long Island tea girl myself.

2. Brandy (and Coke): It tasted pretty good, but other than laughing awkwardly over a tragedy and burping myself to sleep - I fail to see the medicinal value.

3. Emergen-C: Boo. Nothing.

4. Zicam: BOO! Nothing!

5.  Dayquil: This seems to hold the coughs at bay but does nothing for the earache or the roller coaster of personal temperatures during the day.

6. Sleep: I have more of this going on then I care to admit. Going to bed at 6:30 is just not my style.

7. Water: Yuck. I'm sorry, but yuck. (I'm drinking this too..along with my non-working Emergen-C and green tea. )

8: Crackers: Please someone order me a pizza.

In conclusion, I am TRYING to not cough...and I'm trying lots of things...but sometimes you are just sick...and need to go get the Z-Pack and I've never had a Medical Doctor prescribe Green Tea.

December 7, 2012

Tumbling, tumbling.....

In addition to listening to the Black Keys and Lana Del Rey (i.e. things I should have been doing 2 years ago) I've also started a tumblr account.  Right now it's still a structureless modge podge of things I'm doing, funny memes, and all sorts of pictures drawn and not.

I'll never abandon Lavaponyland or OEF - so no worries 5.2 loyal readers and authors. 

December 5, 2012


I'm totally out of shape.

So I'm going to blame these things:
the quality of fall television, the affordability of Little Debbie products, the pain one week of attempting an insanity video caused, seasonal flu, creepy stalky neighbors (not my bff), my ipad (precious),  traumatic comic books, car trouble, pretentiousness, not pretentiousness, uncertainty beyond house cave.

Next week I'm stepping away from the cookies and turning off the tv. Wish me luck.