May 10, 2012

The Best Week(ish) Ever!! April 30 - May 10

You b***chs are wearing me out! (but I think I like it). 
This is place is yummy and you can get alot of food and drinks for $20. Why oh why (?!) have I overlooked the restaurants right outside of my own house! WW startup postponed again.

My boss hosts a yearly pottery sale in her back yard and lets some of her peeps join in the fun. To be honest, I didn't know what to "sell" so I wasn't as prepared. I didn't actively market this to my entire friend group for the same reason.  Many of my pieces are just commissioned for your own purposes so it's weird trying to sell something I've drawn for myself.  For the next sale - I'll be alot more structured and much more inviting.  Readiness. I can haz this!
Many of these pieces are still for sale!
I had company! I mean real drink making, movie watching, college margarita mixing guests. Which brings me to Tequila which you should not drink the night before....

.....see the was like that except for the actual running which was like a herd of wet humans tromping through a mud bog. Some mental notes: Getting messy like kindergarden = fun.  Trying to get any kinda of speed through the horde/tiny mud path = not so much. Running post tequila..not good.
Damn Hippies.

We won our SECOND softball game. Technically it was a tie, but we did NOT lose.  It's just that both teams WON. And that's some real knowledge I'm dropping. My concise recap: their girls walked, our girls hit (real women hit...and look pretty doing it).  Our guys hit (50% into the hands of some guy with magnetic gloves or taking steroids). 

Up next: Profiles in Dopeness - Mother's Day Edition..


May 2, 2012

Leslie-o-Rama Spring 2012 Edition

Dear Diary blog blob..whatever...

It's been the busiest of times and I need a Red Bull. NO seriously..a Red Bull light anymore? 5 Hour Energy please?  Coffeee??

On those pesky lbs. ...
To begin; the moment I declared that I was going to restart my Weight Watchers plan, seemingly everyone around me wanted lunch, dinner, and all manners of snacklicious yum yums, pot-lucks and free foods. I pressed pause on the dietary issues in favor of social graces..but June is less than a month away now and I don't want to be wearing a sensible cardigan (or sensible anything) on the beach. So cheers to a new start - wish me luck. Goodness knows it will be tough to have two tacos instead of my normal five.

On Freelance and Volunteer endeavors...
A personal victory: I inched ever so close to my dream job of bartending this past Saturday. I wanted to test the theory of "situational hotness" from HIMYM. There wasn't any White Snake or Warrant playing and I mostly served weird brown beers to myself and sang tunes from Disney's The Little Mermaid but I had fun. I carded two women bordering on a century old and gave us all a good laugh, as it turns out a red orange wrist band won't get you into Scope but it will get you some Killians.  I hope someone cards me at 91 (or chip since I'm sure we'll be implanted with them soon). 

An educational nugget to file away for future use: bartending and freelancing will get you a fancy staff badge, it will not get you into any functioning restroom.  (Thank you again MacA for saving me from yet another set of restroom shenanigans).

Even you Uniformed Officer/Performer will be carded....

On softball..
Up until this past Monday my softball team - The Unicorns of the Apocalypse -  had not experienced the glory of victory. I have however; experienced: many many many domestic-violence-looking- bruises, ruined tennis shoes, hair bigger and frizzier than a lion's mane, and massive amounts of mosquito bites. If we never win again - I will remember April 30th as the day the little team that coudn't actually DID.  And also that my iphone failed miserably at GPS by getting me lost in a scary scary section of Pungo.
Blurry Pictures of the UoA's Victory Night

On unicorns and spirit animals..
What's with all the unicorns?
Simply put - my friend Marcia nicknamed me the Beer Unicorn in early 2011.
Because of my magically uncanny ability to conjure free "spirits" AND new friends at public festival related events. This theme trended into the following day with the horn symbol..(a pointy finger in front of the forehead signifying the occurrence of a social event).
What about the softball team?
Merely a coincidence...they were Unicorns before I joined (in the fall of 2011)..and just got more magical upon my joining.
Are you really a unicorn?
That completely depends on your imagination and if you believe in the power of awesome.