April 28, 2010

A Test Frequency

After many, many months in seclusion, I sorta feel like re-entering the blogging game. One of the reasons I've been gone is my inability to easily blog from a computer that may or may not reside in a building in which I may or may not be employed. So I'm testing out this blogger-by-email feature again. If it works, there's a possibility of more communicae from me in the days, weeks, months, & even years to come.

No promises, tho.

April 17, 2010

April 6, 2010

I wish you would,

come back, that is.

Just got back into town after a 3-day Easter break. Although maybe I shouldn't reference Easter. We did nothing with eggs and as far as religion is concerned; I just barely drove by the local church to see its' members up on the cross.

At any rate, the title of this blog post is referencing an episode of "The Office" - where Jim has left Scranton and returned to Scranton and he's telling Pam that while he came back..he never really "came back". Pam laments that she wishes he would "come back". As I hope we will return to semi regular blogging.

While I keep writing, I've not been "posting". I blame the superior strength firewall at the place I may or may not work and general computer exhaustion in the afternoons.

I'd considered cheating on blogger with word press just so we could all post without the worry of firewall, but it comes at a price (literally) and I'm cutting bills here and there...can't really afford to create ANY new bill. It's also a tricky thing moving posts and hoping everything moves over just right. It's too dangerous to tinker with 7 years of memories, rantings, celebrations, and midnight epiphanies. At least not until we publish our book. Blogger in Drafts solves a lot of my frustrations for free.

I've been toiling late at night in Flash & Dreamweaver - which is not as intuitive as one would think. But I'm getting it. I will have a "leslie-built" pfolio site up by my birthday. In the meantime, I will blog here once a week. If I have time to post witty facebookings..I have time to elaborate on them.

Tonight - (which could be a separate post)
I basically had green onions, pickles, and zinfandel in my fridge upon my return from Covington. My mom gave me a TV to "replace" my current TV (which isn't broken). I'm not completely sure why it's here, but it is and I think the kitchen should be it's home. We now have terrible neighbors on both sides of my townhouse and I'm googling the Norfolk police number. I'm getting too old to be the mature, let it slide type and I have to go to work tomorrow.

Read something funny at a gas station (where I was forced to stop due to rest area closures in VA).
"Restroom customers, please honor us with a purchase as well as your POO. Thanks so much!"
the management.

I'll leave with that thought.
Goodbye and Gnite