March 26, 2006

I found an old CD-R today that had basically all my papers & homework from my last semester of college on it. In reading through them, I couldn’t shake the thought; “Goddammit, Carol Ann, you used to be smart!” I was reading through a paper I wrote for my New Media Technologies class, which was totally not a hard class at all, and I was intimidated by my own writing.

I don’t know about you guys (or any of you dear readers), but I just feel like a big dummy since college. While I am strongly inclined to blame Myspace for the deterioration of the collective intellect of our generation and the annihilation of the generation after ours, I just feel like punching myself in the face for how…stupid I’ve become. Granted, I don’t exactly have Kyle Nicholas all up in my grill every minute to hand in a paper on anything in particular, so my instrument is not as in-tune as it once was. But finding that CD really sealed my feelings about my recent life happenings…

So I got a new job, which accounts for my scarcity 'round these parts lately. As unnofficial OEF policy, I won't really go into crazy details about said new job, as I intend on keeping it, though connecting the dots shouldn't be too hard for those who'd want to. But I will say that I am still working in radio, but still not on the radio.

My old job was great, really. I had a nice little 8x8 lair with a door and a fast computer and plenty of “me” time (this blog is proof). But alas, I was not long for that place, you see, as in my interview with the general manager, when he textbookly asked “So, do you have any questions for me?” I dug around my brain for an equally textbookly answer and asked if there were any opportunities for advancement, and was met with a flat “No.”. I was unfazed due to dwindling unemployment checks and happily accepted the job. Poverty averted.

But as I was rounding out year three there, My “me” time was really stacking up, and it started to worry me. I found myself wanting to re-do old work I’d done over the previous three years. My boss was totally uninterested in my fine-tuning; even though I pointed out how much more efficient things would be with the changes I’d made. In fact, he was pretty much against it. So I , headed on “across the street”, as they say.

So this is my first real career transition, say, from being a lackey to actually needing business cards, and so far I’m not missing my “me” time; even if this blog has. It’s weird to not want to run out of the building at 5 o’clock on the dot, but I promise, I’ll try & scribble in here on a regular basis. I just might need some assignments from Professors Hench & Paxton (hint, hint)….

March 23, 2006

Right now

All I really wanna do is eat M&M's, drink my trusty Mt.Dew, and ponder the meaning of song lyrics.

What am I thinking about - Tom Cruise and why he's suddenly turned into such a tool. It's just not right to censor South Park episodes so Tom Cruise doesn't get offended. I didn't see M.I. 2, only watched half of M.I. 1 and just can't believe that with his recent shenanigans (ahem thank you Hench for reintroducing fabulous word back into my life) that anyone is going to see his next craptavaganza.

Trey and Matt are right, he didn't complain when they were joking OTHER religions.

I met a real douchebag of a human at the YMCA the other night. Literally, a total stranger walked up to me - handed me her 1 year old daughter? and asked me if I could watch her for an hour. Leaving me standing there with a Dasani, and Ipod, and a lingering doubt of the new generation of parents. Ugh.

Strangely happy to see "That 70's Show" calling it quits. No lead characters that people love equals no viewers. Gah - reminds me of when they only showed SMG's hair on an episode of Angel. Writers if you can't get the real Buffy on there no one wants to see some random lady in a Buffy wig. BOO.

A funny conv. went down last night between me and a friend - demonstrating the need for conversation segues.
We were originally talking about pepperoni and an episode of this Seasons real world.
(If I knew how to do a hyper linky I'd clue you in..but just not there yet.)

Friend: So they were using pepporoni to describe those??!
Me: Yep, gross but funny.
Friend: What perfume are you wearing? Are you wearing it? Well??
Me: ummm...
Friend: well are you?
Me: what pepperoni? uh, yeah you like's by Hormel.
Friend: I meant SJP.

Sadly a minute or so passed between realization that we were no longer talking about food.

Well off to attempt a real life "friending" of sorts.

March 13, 2006

Can't stop, won't stop.......

Myspace finally irritated me to the point where I had to step away. After the 18th bulletin about if you are my real friend you’ll repost, or the 50th 2,578 Intrusive Questions About You survey, and finally the gladiator type battles that are going down jockeying for top 8 positions; I’ve thrown up the white flag for today and led the retreat back to OEF.

I realized I had a problem when this conversation actually occurred:

Me: You know your myspace page is really bland. The only thing I can gather from this is that you are married and are 27.
Friend: Well, I mean, those are key things to know I THINK. I just wanted to be on here to be YOUR FRIEND anyways.
Me: Well, you are my friend. Now share what your favorite movies are.
Friend: You know what my favorite movies are.
Me: Comments, I want comments from you dammit!
Friend: I’m talking to you right now. There you are. I’m commenting.

Leslie Conscience: What are you talking about? That was heresy that just came out of your mouth. Go to your room, read comics and be the nice dorky girl I know you can be.

At this point I realized I’m the “bad” one in the after school (post collegiate) special playing out in front of me.

So time to return to real-life. Which thanks to an impromptu visit via good buddies CA and Henchio is looking alot better than the internet. It’s time to get back to important subjects like name melding, (ex. Mattfleck, Bennifer, Brangelina.), or why people shouldn’t kiss dogs in the mouth, or the shocking frequency of Mi Hogars in the tidewater area, or how strong Smirnoffs are while tasting really quite pleasant.

I wish I could give up the internet but like Diddy says - “I thought I told you that we won’t stop. I told you that we won’t stop eh,”

March 8, 2006

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that, while my "me time" has been slashed in recent weeks, that I WILL be back soon...I've finally gotten a permanent workspace (cubicle, natch) and my computer is on the way. I just wanted you to know you're in my heart, ponies!