October 31, 2013


My favorite blogger stopped writing some time in May. Just threw down the THANK YOU - and the peace sign and headed out into the world, to live as before - the talented anonymous. I'm not hatin'..and it seems fair that she would disappear into the same microcosm I found her on...which subsequently was the result of me looking for "wines that taste like fruit juice" on a Google search.

It kind of reminded of Liz Lemon going to find her future best friend in the ladies room of Barnes & Noble. I'm all over the place today - but this is going somewhere better than the salad entries I promise!

I had two conversations with people whose opinion of me mattered, or that I thought mattered - and when I went to read my favorite blog entry (aka: Leslie's silent life counseling) I found it gone. 

My wino is gone, I have to read something else and I will HAVE to make a change.
So today, while aimlessly meandering around Facebook, and trying to find my way over, under, and through these too personal conversations. I found this one.
Change is like spring cleaning. There are a lot of things that you need to throw away so that your closet is clear enough to add space for new things.

What is one thing that you have to get rid of in your life closet in order to allow for space?

Whether it's people, places, things or weight, the goal is a HAPPY you for the future

from Shaun T
(the crazy exercise man that yells at you while doing complex jumping jacks).

So I'll take this part from my departed favorite blogger -
"You are you. Glorious mother-fuck​ing you."

and remember there are things besides weight that I need to lose.
Change is good.

October 7, 2013

Day 2

I had my 2nd of 7 cold emotionless lunches (lettuce).

  1. healthy
  2. not wasteful
  3. cheap
  1. cold (like today's weather)
  2. soggy (also like today's weather)
  3. rewarded self with not healthy mcdonald fries (and beer later)
  4. was scolded for non-related over consumption of diet mt. dew....again
Notes to self:
The Wendy's by your job is closed for remodeling, don't even try it.
Beachbody workouts are different than running. 
I have no idea how to cook ahi tuna effectively.

Thoughts moving forward:
Maybe dumping pizza is not the answer. Is it as easy as just not eating an entire pizza? 

October 6, 2013

Lettuce forget the past!

On October 4th, after throwing away an innocent yet forgotten unopened bag of lettuce, Leslie Paxton vowed never to let produce go to waste again.  On October 5th, her best friend entrusted her with the world's largest bowl of fresh salad.  

Over the course of this week, I'm going to eat all this lettuce and keep my promise to the universe.  For health, for savings, for dignity.

This is the 2nd week of October 2013 - Humble readers - THIS is 7 days of salad.