January 9, 2006

You made your mind up, but the thoughts came unstacked

Some of the two of you may know that I like that Queen Latifah show Living Single (even though I have to say, Sinclaire and Overton steal the show everytime! I want to name my kid Overton). I was watching an episode tonight during my dinner (Stouffer's Chicken Monterey, yum) and spotted an actress that I recognized from another show. I got excited for whatever reason, and then, and then! I realized that one of the actors in the background, with two lines "I'm sorry I put a contract on your life...blah blah...", was Will Ferrell. Wow....I guess I always just think that people bust up on the scene and are immediately famous when I get around to finding out about them....speaking of Will Ferrell, MSN had the Chronicles of Narnia rap (an iffy segue, I know) on their page today....then they took it down. I wonder if it was too fluffy for them. Ha!

A friend from work left yesterday to go to Fort Dix to "get ready" to go to Iraq....as if you can just "get ready" to go there. Its hard, harder when you have a family member there, I know, but still...you get used to seein a person everyday and then they go somewhere scary and dangerous. They are going to hire a temporary replacement for him, and I know I am going to hate that person, if only because the reason they have to be there. I'm going to be slamming my work down on his or her desk and givin 'em the evil eye....This doode is super-awesome. I think they should only send jerks and assfaces to war. Will you sign a petition? We got a lot of jerks and assfaces we could send....


Carol Ann said...

Though breaking my leg & getting MS is not as scary as war, I can understand the inclination to be mean to a temp. Apparently they were wretched to the string of temps that sat in my chair while I was gone...one of them even went so far as to write me an email that would be waiting for me when I got back that said "These people REALLY like you. You are incredibly valued." I can just imagine them throwning themselves on the floor, whining because the temp can't read their minds.

I think I've gotten off topic. WAR. More specifically, war hitting home. Sometimes I am secretly glad that my brothers are in the Navy, and have been in the Navy long enough that they are of a high enough rank to not have to do the really dangerous stuff. This is totally selfish, I know, and I also know that it can change at any minute. Hell, 50 & 60 year old reservists are being called up for active duty; how long before they find it necessary for my able-bodied 31 year old brother to go drive a Hummer?

I am all for the Jerks & Assfaces Imperative of 2006. Cause, you know, I hear Wilmer Valderamma (Fez) is poised to break into films, and I just can't handle that.

Hench said...

Hey, if Ashlee Simpson can do it, so can Fez...at least he has a bit of acting experience!

Leslie said...

I always like the mean chic on living single, umm.. Maxine. How mean she is to Regine is priceless!
Ahh..syndicated tv.

War...I can't give a totally unbiased answer here I don't wanna get lost in liberal "angst" land :) I will just say I don't believe in it and all I really care about is MY brother coming home safe, whole, and alive. He's out there driving in those convoys with his able 21 year old body and I can't help but cry when I see more of those soldiers have died needlessly in these roadside bombings. It's crazy but I'm giddy when I see that little orange thing flickering on myspace because then I know he's okay because he's "online".

Jerks & assfaces huh? How bout like prisoners in jail for felony and misdemeanors? LIke hey you wanna shave some time off your sentence, why not HELP your country? Silly idea, must do work now.


Hench said...

Max is fantastic....I really wish she didn't have the underside of her hair shaved, it looks crappy...looked crappy..whateva.

I think the idea of recruiting from prison is a good one...free up some space for the new generation of hoods and provide the old ones the opportunity to give back to society...and keep the awesome people from going over there. Even if they want to go..