December 27, 2007

Pancakes Yawns

I got some sweet new lamps for my bedroom, the kind that actually shed light, so that I may now take better pictures of my pets in bed. I was trying to take a normal picture of Pancakes, but he yawned instead. I am totally mesmerized and terrified of this picture. But mostly, I'm stumped for a good lolcats caption. Any suggestions?

December 25, 2007

First "Illustration"

My mommy got me a Bamboo for Chrimmas, and this here is the first thing I drew, kinda quick just to try to blog while it was still Chrimmas (will probably fail at that, too). I don't know why I always draw grapes.

My brother and his girlfriend spent the day with us and we had a delicious dinner and everyone had the warm fuzzies. Until he went to go home and found that the rear window on his brand new car that he's only had for 2 months---the first brand new car of his 31 years, had been shot out by some jerkoff kid who got a bb gun for Chrimmas. Seriously? If I see a kid in my neighborhood with a bb gun I am totally unleashing Uma on him. Then I will follow him home start kicking over shrubberies until his stupid parents reimburse us for the glass. Ok, none of that is true, but I would maybe have a grown-up talk with the stupid parents.

My dad passed away on Christmas Eve-Eve when I was 14. That New Year's, my friend Kristen insisted I come to her Uncle Frank & Aunt Sandy's NYE Party. It was kind of great. Just after midnight, everyone ate grapes and that was supposed to mean good luck or something in the new year. After the grapes, there were the homemade sausage & lettuce sandwiches on crusty rolls. The sausage sandwiches were frickin' awesome. Every year after that, until Kristen's grandmom died, whatever New Years party (the ones with booze & stuff) we were at, after the ball dropped, we would pile into a car (with a responsible driver, natch) and zip over to her grandmom's house for a sausage sandwich. We would stand there in her kitchen, kinda drunk, while Kristen's dad told us inappropriate jokes.

That's it, the end. No epiphany. Grapes & sausage sandwiches.

All Uma wants for Christmas is her Uncle Butch

December 19, 2007

Holiday Lunch

All the bigwigs gathered round in plastic aprons and served us quite a lovely holiday lunch. The president of the company gave me my ham slices and my boss tried to douse my plate in gravy, but I said "no, no, no." There was even a DJ spinnin' the chrimmastime hits. It kind of reminded me of that time they served Thanksgiving dinner at Rogers Hall. When we ate by candlelight. That was nice.

December 13, 2007

Hoagie Dip

My celebrity look alikes...?? wha??

Draco Malfoy? Humm..this solves so many life mysteries. The sorting hat put me in the wrong house dammit.

I don't think I look like any of these people? LOL

December 12, 2007


(translated as gossip/nasty trashy..)

It stinks having writer’s block and artist’s block. The sad thing is I’m not at any loss for events, they’re there - back to back all things ranging from fun, to morose, to fantastic, to tedium.

What I have been doing alot of is: watching Spongebob marathons with LJ, slogging through powerpoints, arguing over whether to use plastic or sticker name badges, and explaining to my mom the difference between voicemails and the answering machine - and using my remaining smart power left to read GOSSIP BLOGS. Which btw, are neither informative or lately even funny.

How much Britney can one take? And how many ways to conjugate the word V*gina? Does the paparazzi find ANYone other than David Beckham to be attractive? And why so many crotch shots, arm-pit stains, and hair extension photographs --- what an un-noble job..following people around taking pictures of sweat.

This entry is going nowhere -- but I’m a little calmer now after seeing Boobney’s pink wig out on the town for the hundredth time.

Send me that time warp art G, I think I’m ready to go back.