June 11, 2010

Random post

A couple of months ago, I randomly came across a blog that is written by a woman who is trying to conceive. I had some free time at work, so I poured through her posts, starting with the oldest posts and working my way toward the present day. She has been writing the blog since 2007.

She seemingly has no problems getting pregnant, the babies just don't "stick," as she refers to it. I keep going back occasionally, hoping that she has announced that she is pregnant. Instead, she is still talking about fertility drugs and test results. Her sister is pregnant and she talks about coming to terms with that. Sometimes she sounds bitter (who could blame her?), but most of the time she is still hopeful. Sometimes she even talks about having twins.

She has many many links to other blogs written by women in her situation. Some have never conceived and some conceive and lose the babies. When I have down time, or sometimes on my lunch break, I randomly read some of these blogs.

I don't know what the point of this post is, I am just really touched by these blogs. They seem to be constantly on the back of my mind. I'm just in awe that these women keep trying and are so hopeful. I hope they all

Anyway, sorry for the random post...I've been up since 3 am!

June 9, 2010

Notes on Confidence

Keep your head up.
This is problematic as I am constantly covering my mouth like Miss Celie.
Hold your hands in a steeple gesture (together pointing) while listening.
If I flapped my arms anymore than I do already, I would take flight.
Keep your movements to a minimum, don't fidget.
See Above.
If you don't agree, STATE SO.
I avoid conflict at all costs, this goes against my nature!
Speak up, don't let others finish YOUR SENTENCE, remember sentence completion leads to self esteem.
I guess, but sometimes its sorta nice when someone actually knows what I am talking about
When meeting someone new - explain what you do, then company name, then your own name.
I see the logic here, this used to happen in college alot.

While rummaging through some old paperwork in my office drawer, I found I'd actually written down some helpful hints I found in a forward. I thought I'd post them here (and my subsequent arguments to each) before I committed the sticky note to the round file.