October 7, 2010

Leslie Journal 9.10.10

(Yes this is October, but I’m writing...let’s focus on that!!)

Tacos consumed: 3
Free Sandwichs from work lunch tray: 2

New things I must purchase based on recent accidental discoveries: Pesto Sauce & Olive Dip

Birthday presents for others consumed today: 1 (shameful, but an unfortunate pitfall of buying something for someone else that you are obviously aware is fabulous) In my defense, I have tried to deliver said present on 3 separate occassions. Now I will have to buy it all over again.

Today’s Events:
On CC’s -
I was charged an annual fee for my Best Buy Card which I’ve only possessed since March. So apparently Best Buy’s year is not the accustomed 12 months, I mean because it’s like September. So I wrote them a note of my disdain, reminded them of what a good client I’ve been, and basically got back a very pleasantly written “rules are rules, now pay up bitch.” And so I will pay up and cancel my account tomorrow and most likely (despite really liking the store)..never return there again. Which is truly a shame, because I just got a Wii and would have loved to have purchased some games I couldn’t necessarily have found at Wally World or Target. They won’t be losing thousands of dollars, but at least hundreds of dollars.

On refined sensibilities and wine -
Took the time to research and purchase a medley of wines with actual flavors and differing consistenctencies. I figured after years of stumbling idly through a medly of $2 offerings from various happy hours, I owed it to myself to find that wine that the television sophisticates enjoy (usually in a bubble bath while reading, I’m not that coordinated). And finally.... tonight I can declare a winner from both red and white wine sectors..drumroll and trophy goes to Horton Vineyards - Niagara (White) and Eclipse (Red). Goodbye Sutter Home.