February 8, 2015

Leslie Journal: Feb 8, 2015

Diet Mt. Dews Consumed: 
1 as of 8:51am, but several chilled and at the ready, along with Keurig coffee to tackle the day
Weight: More than Zoey Deschanel, but less than Meghan Trainor
Bangs: Inactive
Time passed since Mom visit: 6 months and counting

A Cry for Help:
The same filling that has already been filled three times is out yet again. I can’t help but think this tooth just wants to be out of my mouth. I know teeth have feelings, but could a tooth be suicidal?  

On pants:
They are all entirely too snug, and I want to live in yoga apparel. Too bad I hate stretching. 
I hate pants. 

Ridin’ Dirty:
Sally Pontiac needs so much routine maintenance it’s not even funny. If only cars could be held together by love and intense prayer. 

Battle Royale (with Cheese):
Major shakeups on the job front are presenting opportunities to move a new direction or stay the course. Oh Captain, my captain I wish I had more time.  How do you convince someone with one foot out the door to stay? Can you? Is it time to grow up? Do we ever have job security????