November 13, 2007

Profiles in Dopeness - ODU: Rogers Hall

It’s too bad they don’t make yearbooks for college, or maybe dorm hall books more likely. I understand why - a meager 20 % of the freshmen that come in during that opening semester barely make it to the second semester much less the final semester 4,5, and even 6 (or more) years later. Remember Big Brody, Crazy Stacy, or Pulp Fiction Soundtrack Stealing Michelle? (Didn’t think so.) Then with ODU in particular there’s commuters - which to me at the time always existed on some other planet. The Dorms/P-town while not the Hilton of living arrangements did lend themselves to a certain social metropolis that seemed to run 24 hours a day. Any given moment was a good time for a water balloon fight, a fire drill, or a party. 3 p.m. no problem..crank the Busta Rhymes.

After avoiding ODU for a long time, the school I was mad at because it became even MORE awesome after I left - (and mad because I had all these big ideas and hope.) I decided that for the next couple of weeks I was going on a nostalgia tour for those of you who also haven’t been back in awhile. It’s time to revisit the old..and see what’s been going on since. You know you wanna......

Here’s some Rogers Hall places and why I’m fond of them - feel free to comment!
(Click on them to make them larger, also was having a font problem with my “i’s”.)





Leslie said...

Can we special dedicate blogs? or is that super CHEESAY!?

Carol Ann said...

Who/What do you want to dedicate your blog to? Isn't composing a whole blog post about something kind of a dedication in itself? Either way, do what you want, it's (1/3) your blog.

Anyway---Rogers Hall. I liked it. I think for the most part it fulfilled the whole "dorm experience", I can't come up with one experience (or even half a dozen) that best encapsulates that wacky FYE ('member that phrase)?

One thing I can say is that my suitemates were f'ing beeees. From like the first second I met them. Everyone else was mostly cool (save for Pulp Fiction Soundtrack stealing Michelle).

Another thing I can say is that I drank a whole lot of warm orange juice tinted-Aristocrat vodka in that H-shaped building. Eesh.

Hench said...

For some reason the one thing I remember most was the comedy show that SAC put on with that funny lady...Lori? Lauren? Laura! I think....

Also, I remember a peculiar smell around the mailbox area, I think it was coming from the dining room thing.

And I remember sitting in that lounge type area watching Days of Our Lives when we were supposed to be in some Communications class.

Ah, those were the days.

Templeton said...

Those where the days indeed. I put a sticker on the outside of my window frame and it is still there, which I think is pretty awesome.

Leslie said...

Templeton, I think you were at that meeting on the dockside at the back of Rogers with the R.A. Ryan (the first day/week)? Is that right? And I remember a skateboarder guy that had longish hair and wore tie-dye alot? Any bells ringing?

Leslie said...

Yeah, Michelle stole from you too right G?

Carol Ann said...

The lady's name was Lynne Koplitz. Though that wasn't freshman year, I don't think. I'm pretty sure that was sophomore year. Lynne Koplitz was really funny. Not like that guy who we had perform before that movie that set of a REVOLT of SAC moviegoers...that was horrible. And kind of hilarious.

Yeah, that girl stole my stupid Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. How 1997.

Hench said...

That's right, Lynne. She was funny.

I remember that revolt....was that the time the middle-aged lady stood up and yelled at the guy?

I should note, of course, that I didn't technically live at Rogers Hall, or anywhere else on campus, I was one of those commuter aliens. But Carol Ann did her best to make me feel welcome when I pretended to be a real college student. Thanks, G.

Leslie said...

I remember that revolt! He was mean :( He made a girl from my art class cry. Jerk. (and then it's funny b/c he was on comic view later that week).

Michelle stole my TLC - Crazy Sexy Cool cd. Thief!

Hench - you were never a commuter alien because you were in/around the dorms as much as the people who lived in them. :)

Templeton said...

Leslie, I don't thin I was at that meeting. Where we on the same hall? I don't remember much form my hall, because I mostly hung out in John Cain's room on the second floor. I think I went on the dock maybe once or twice.