November 29, 2012

Thursday Randoms..

On television:
I've given up on HIMYM. I don't care who the mother is anymore. Fans deserve to meet this woman and fall in love with her too - and I don't mean yellow umbrellas or side shots of calves. Good Luck Ted Mosby - I've moved on to Sons of Anarchy and Ben and Kate. Peace out crappy show!
On resurgence:
Eating dry cereal while drinking light beer in my pajamas (by 5:30 pm) is a failure. 4 Jars of pickles is unacceptable. Why do I keep buying Ragu and Salsa? I do not know.
On friends moving:
Whomever you are..I'm NOT happy you are leaving. Ever.
On use of the word "intimate":
If using this in conjunction with a party over 5 people..(and especially over 50 people!) - I'm going to just come out and say it's not "intimate" anymore.
On compliments (or Little Debbie Cherry Cordials):
On decisions that impact your future:
There are occasions that call for you to look upon your target audience before you speak/act/post and contemplate how it will impact your future..I'm sure Joan of Arc contemplated this before becoming a human marshmallow.
And finally...
Christmas is making great strides to take down Halloween in the Leslie's favorite holiday unofficial contest. Step aside turkey, tinsel coming through.

November 26, 2012

Another cat blog entry...

As I sit here, trying to peck out this meager attempt at a blog - Bey, my cat, is weaving her away around the monitor and trying to completely block my view of the screen. She seems to be watching the type move across the document - and although she’s not sure what I’m up to - she’s purring, so I have to take this as my go ahead to lay down a bit of thoughts for a friend. 

Baby, was given to my mom in a coffee cup my senior year of high school. She was my mother’s cat - I left for school shortly after Mom got her and didn’t look back.  So it was Baby who Mom could hug without embarrassing.  It was Baby who watched Larry grow up and leave for the military. Baby who protected me from all the dark forces lurking in attics, and basements, and long dark driveways. Baby who stayed with Mom through life change and loss after loss..and never asked for anything more than turkey and a back rub.  

I hope you’re with Cobb Webb, Chow-Chow, Valentine, and Tommy and maybe if there’s an ODU scene up there you’ll roll around with Baby Gardler and Shorty and the countless other fur children that preceded you.

so many hugs sweet girl...
Baby Cat Paxton