June 25, 2009

31 by 31's end List

This idea originated with my friend "A" at a happy hour discussion last year prior to my 30th B-Day. Her and her friends were forming lists of things they wanted to have done by 30. I was already about 7 weeks from the digits in question, so I figured there was no way to squeeze in 10 years worth of things I should've already done in my 20's into 40 odd days. The idea however ruminated around my brain and I made a list (last summer).

Last night at a separate happy hour (nearly a year later to the first conversation). "The list" came up again. My friend J mentioned a bar which featured a mechanical bull, one of the things on my list. Then we chatted on about how sharing the list might help me get to do some of these things (through the magic power of "REAL" social networking.)

I have til 32 to get these things done. I'm going to italicize the ones I've already done.

So friends..here is my list, help me if you can/want to:
1. Ride Motorcycle (preferably drive one, but baby steps...)
2. Ride Mechanical Bull
3. Get a Tattoo
4. Increase income substantially.
5. Restore outdoor garden!! (poor flowers! I failed thee)
6. 31 Brand New Drawings
7. Post my website.
8. See the Grand Canyon (Larry!!)
9. See Chicago
10. Bling Team Field Trip
11. Conquer Gryffon at Busch Gardens.
12. Take some friggin classes!

13. See Barack Obama speak (live)
14. Go Camping and Tubing!
15. Cook something difficult (lamb?)
16. Read Twilight Series (for fun).
17. Take mom to Red Lobster as a surprise (must be a surprise!!)
18. HOST a party.
19. Bloc Party AGAIN
20. Learn a real dance - something fancy.

21. Get paid for a freelance.
22. Cancel useless bills.
23. Professional Sports Game (any sport, whichever one avails itself)
24. Run a marathon (Rock'n Roll is looking good).
25. Fix a broken friendship.
26. Complete the big family book.
27. Dive! (versus ungraceful cannonball flops)
28. Hiking
29. Comiccon!
30. Paintball
31 & 32 are "personal". Sorry team I have to do those on my own. ;)

The only real rules for your own lists..is that you must try to do this while you still can..it's NOT a bucket list and that it must be "fun" light ideas..Nothing major major goal oriented.

June 16, 2009

Medieval Fax

After watching one of the analysts stand by our (at least) ten year old fax machine for 20-30 minutes cursing and pleading with it to work; it occurred to me that people within the building order themselves pretty much whatever they want. By whatever, I mean WHATEVER: Ergonomic keyboards, fancy purple scissors, brand new chairs, even cubicle ambiance lighting. So why hasn't anyone ordered a new fax machine? And why do we only have one if it's being used constantly?

I would propose it, but ideas are usually rewarded with more work. Instead, I'll just continue to watch coworkers flounder by the fax machine.

June 11, 2009

VB AMP - MORE Mental Notes and Queries

I went to the No Doubt show last night out in VB. I won't recap the concert - except to say I had a great time! But I made some mental notes on how to improve my trials at outdoor music events and I thought I'd share. Friends feel free to bust me on these if you catch me repeat offending.

Querie 1:

Concerts at the VB Amphitheater are in the spring and summer seasons, which therefore means it's HOT. While black is the "it" color of alterna-rock enthusiasts (usually checking out the NorVA), it is a color which collects heat and generally makes for a miserable outdoors experience.

Querie 2:
If sitting on the lawn and you are a girl, it's probably best not to wear any foot apparel featuring a heel. You will just sink into the grass. Yes, cute is important - but you can't jump up and down with your feet sunk three inches into the ground.

Querie 3:
If your hair reaches below your ears, just ponytail that sh*zz. Or else you will be leave looking like a disheveled disco lion. It's hot, sweaty, and humid and no amount of John Frieda or clever hat usage can calm the follicle beast.

Addendum to Querie 3 - Since you will indeed leave looking like a disco lion anyways; and makeup, heels, and hair are of little to no significance in a sauna, tt is probably best not to carry a purse filled with make-up and hair aids.

Querie 4:
This is another for lawn patrons, unless you have come to make out for 2 hours or are under 12 you are probably not going to sit on your blanket, low sitting chair, or bobo towel. You are going to stand and dance and sing..and if you are not, the person in front of you is definitely going to. So just don't bring it. Why be seated to look at the person in front's butt for hours on end?
Just buy yourself a seated ticket with the money you were going to spend on the chair/chair rental.

And finally,
if you are at this concert - don't continuously recap how awesome ANOTHER concert was. That was then, and this ..this is right now.

June 5, 2009

oh pony....

I would like to thank Carol Ann for introducing us all to cakewrecks. But today, I'd like to thank my good friend Shei from VB for keeping up with CW and finding this gem.

Our "pony" has been commemorated in cake form.