October 31, 2008

Obamathon 2008

I have voted in every election I've been eligible to vote in. So it's always baffling to me when people say "I'm voting this time because it's IMPORTANT." Every election is important! Every election has been important. These issues however are a whole other blog.

I went to Harbor Park Tuesday with 22,000 other "socialists". I'll admit I passed a large portion of the line to find my friends at the front (sorry Norfolk's finest). I walked 2 or 3 miles to avoid traffic (no different from the Y except wearing much cooler clothes) and stood for 5 hours with my friends to see Barack Obama speak for 45 minutes. Was it worth it - totally. Was it important..yes. Was it historic..only if you make it that way.

Am I wearing my Obama t-shirt to the polls next week? Yes, but only under my work shirt. :)

October 23, 2008

Lame Poetry..October Edition

An Ode to My Favorite Day of Week

Thursdays are nice.

I've been hit on twice and I'm drinking a latte, a Pumpkin Spice.

No powerpoints in sight, I get paid late tonight, and Happy Hour will make me feel alright.


October 21, 2008


If I knew more about how to make a tag, I'd file this under blog content stolen from another blog that I thought was funny. I use trade gothic (and several other gothics all the time) so this one in particular cracked me up.

What does your font say about you?

October 15, 2008

Pardon the Dust..AGAIN

Much like with hair, blogs get restless and need a yearly sprucing. So check out OEF's next incarnation..

As I told my counterparts, I've been locked in a creative cave for more than a few months. Freelance, Lavaponyland, work crapola, & voluntary political endeavors have put a serious kabash on my daily journaling (complaining).

So we've done abstract and illustration - some nostalgia was in order.

October 14, 2008

Covington in 48 hours or less...

I made my annual October trip home this year and brought my friend Shei along for the ride. Given that we both had time limitations it was a quick day trip which was nearly canceled at least 23 times due to flake and commitment issues on both parties parts. As evidenced by said pictures though, all cancellation scenarios got resolved and we made it to Covington and back with time to spare.

There were pretty trees, lady bug swarms (again), an Indian (that Shei tried to charm into giving her free obsidian..lol), an obese cat, desensitized deer, a pedicure, a fattening hotel mirror, and a "Leslie's in Covington Alert".

The lady bugs are starting to look orange this year, which a parks and rec's flyer attributed to the extended summer sun messing with their pigment. I think the deer have gotten used to my mom putting things out for them, and have realized that they are safe from hunters when they are in neighborhood yards. My cat has given up on going outside due to all the new animals in the area that either create new smells or view her as a Thanksgiving morsel - thus forgetting to attend to her physical fitness.

(I realize this post is moderately incohesive and disobedient of simple grammatical structures, but I'm tired and really wanted to post SOMETHING.)

Good times!

October 1, 2008

I needed this.

I had to put my cat, who went by too many names to mention---I called her Ging, to sleep last night. She was 16 and pretty frickin' awesome. So, needless to say, I'm pretty bummed out, but my office-mate Heather sent me a link that has brightened my day.

Passive Aggressive Notes is a website showcasing "painfully polite and hilariously hostile writings from shared spaces the world over". I have always been a fan of signs; handwritten, computer-generated, industrial, from god, whatever.

I learned at the waterpark that if you have a sign, no matter how preposterous the concept, you are right. This may not be true, but it's one of those things that I came to believe at a young age, and therefore will never let go.

Also, I'm always intrigued when I come upon a random sign prohibiting a certain behavior, because it makes me wonder what had to happen for a sign to be made. I also feel a certain amount of pride when a sign is erected because of some foolish behavior of mine.

A big draw on Passive Aggressive Notes is office-related signs/memos/notes. I am totally guilty of crafting overly complex signs & notices for mundane things---and I don't care how annoying they are. I love making them! You'll never stop me!