February 21, 2017

Leslie Journal - 2.21.17

Social Media: A wise woman once said, "Fuck this shit". She lived happily ever after. 
(stolen from awesome Connie's awesome Insta).

Hair Status: Will in the 'Upside Down'

Weight: Outta control (for real - I can't stop eating my emotions).  I seriously posted a large pizza the other day and ate every f*cking bite of that thing.  I'd dare not mention how I smashed the Harris Teeter 7-Layer Bean dip.

I'm not going to post daily sweat pictures, but I'm back on the paid for version of Weight Watchers today.  Just as before - you won't get totals, judgement, or extreme fitness - just a little more mustard and a little less mayo.

Promises, promises: 

  • Eat out of boredom
  • Emotional Eat
  • Eat after 8
  • Drink Calories
  • Eat Candy/Fried Food
  • Skip Breakfast

Goals: This one's for you favorite jeans.
Hopefully back on in 2 weeks. It's not time for you to retire yet.

February 3, 2017

Leslie Journal - Feb. 3, 2017

Hair Status: Pink Lob

Weight: All about that bass, no treble

On pants:  The struggle is real, but I am mighty. Also - it's cold AF, so I will abide.  
(Is this a haiku?) 

Social Media: Out in the wilderness with Hillary, Barack and the other Democrats.  (At least I have a cool p*hat to keep my head warm.)  Currently only reading shares from liberal baes and instagram animal posts.   Still following the cast of Pretty Little Liars to keep up with fashion. Keeping a mental list of conservative friends like Arya Stark. 
Democrats are totally the Stark's right now and America is Winterfell. 

Ridin Dirty: Sally Pontiac at 11 years old still runs off carefully timed voodoo rituals, prayers, and love. Please ol' girl - I need you just a little longer. 

Battle Royale with Cheese: Management is NOT what I thought. 
"Like my man Puff says: Mo' money, mo problems." - Notorious B.I.G.