June 17, 2013

Let's tune out while turning up the radio...

I quietly deleted Facebook from my phone a few months ago, I'll be deleting it from my Ipad by weeks end. I cannot deactivate my account at this point because it's now literally a part of my job and randomly (at times) it can be enjoyable - but only in that way a college party is fun only once, but the magic is just not there if you go two nights in a row. (G, do you remember our theorem on isolated party magic?)

I can't advocate a Facebook diet for everybody but I can tell you I'm feeling a little better everyday.
I watched the fireworks at Harborfest with my eyeballs. I took pictures of my godsons (and my cat!) with my real camera. But my favorite thing was that - I was able to have a conversation with a friend, without already knowing everything. And all they knew about me was how many miles I'd ran due to Runkeeper (I've been running since 1998 btw).

I did not see the parties I wasn't invited too, the unsavory political opinions, or the countless parade of "selfies" from people that should have better things to do than take pictures of themselves.

If you need me, I'm in the same place. If you're worried, concerned, or miss me the number is still the same. If you want to chat all digital like - the green dot is on 50% of the day. If you want Chilli's, or No Frill - I'm your girl and if you want to run then say no more - my shoes are in the car.