January 31, 2010

It is hot in my house and I

am sorta tired of the snow.

The novelty of "snow in Norfolk" wore off very quickly after 8 hours of eating, reading, and general couching. For starters, my neighbors let their puppies outside to do their business for like 12 hours in the wintry mix. I say let them out loosely, I think the puppies got out and no one watched them because their masters were out partying. I heard whimpering at 4, 5, 6, & 7 am - and looked around outside to not see anything. The whimpering became a howl - so I found some snow boots, and some warmer pajama pants and trudged out to find a tiny dogcicle under one of my lawn chairs. He'd been out so long his paws were starting to curl under. I knocked on the door for a solid 20 minutes until I got a very sleepy (stoned) Swamp Donkey to answer. Fearing I would say something vicious - I just handed her her dog and said, "Here's your dog, you may want to actually watch your pets". It is my sincerest hope that swamp donkey never breeds as I'm certain she would be one of those mothers that would leave her baby in the car.

: I only found one dog - puppy numero dos is still missing and I worry when it does heat back up someone is going to find a frozen spaniel hidden someplace it might have tried to get warm.

Gripe number two comes from my general madness over other humans who must drive despite everything being shut down. Nothing is open. Where are you going? The one ihop on Battlefield? or perhaps the Outback in Portsmouth? Why?

Gripe number three - None of the secondary roads have been scraped. NONE. 7 Trucks for 7 cities = one for each city. I can't even walk around my neighborhood without sliding, much less jog or drive. Could we maybe just get some salt?

I think I'm getting old - because the novelty of winter weather is wearing thin on me. The prettiness of the snow lasted for about 4 hours, before I found I was tired of Lucky Charms, Pizza Snacks, and social networking.

I think I'm going to delete my Myspace page tonight or tomorrow. Because I am old-weirdly bored-stressed-neurotic and thats one less thing I want to worry about these days.

January 13, 2010

FML - My Electronic Life

This morning at nine, I began searching for a font to match a provided flattened logo I needed to edit. I alternate time to time whether to start A's and go forward, Z's and go backward, and M's and alternate.

I opted to start with the Z's in my font library*.

* It's important to note I have over 5,000 fonts.
The font that turned out to be the match was Aardvark Cafe (7 hours later)

...which starts with an A.

FML. :(

January 4, 2010

2010...x 10

I resolve to:
  • Use night cream on my face, so that I don't look like a leather handbag by the time I'm 40.
  • Get to work on time.
  • Cook one new recipe out of my comfort zone a month.
  • Maintain last year's weight loss resolution.
  • Call and visit my mother as much as possible.
  • Be there for my brother.
  • Speak to people with my voice as well as my keypad.
  • Embrace my inner bitch more often (she's only trying to help.)
  • Stop biting my nails!
  • Actively pursue new freelance business as if I've never been burned by it before.