January 25, 2013

The Hatefire Burrito

To be filed under the "therapy letter that may never reach it's intended"...

I started writing a rebuttal to a ridiculous expletive laden tirade - lobbed directly at me by a (distant and secondary) family member earlier this week on Facebook (sigh).  The first variation of this rebuttal was really ugly - but I got (blissfully) distracted.

Because then:
Mom packed a bag lunch for me with at least 10 different items; Jen and CJ are going to have a baby; Jen C called randomly (and from far far away) and presented me with some new opportunities;  Latitus J  (my amazing Godson) won a science fair award and I clapped like I was at the Golden Globes;  I had the best dinner at Bravos with the Daniels' sisters, and then Chilli's (I know right!);  Arlene P wrapped up something with her family and tried to join us but was blocked due to a venue change, but she tried - next week hot yoga!.  My brother is having a baby and painting a mural too - except his has texture (and mine doesn't which I'm jealous about).  I'm wading through a sea of great new comics I bought for my iPad; oh and I took some classes and bought some online and..; and tomorrow..? I don't know, but I'm looking forward to it.  

You see most of these things were some sorta posts on my Facebook.  It's a public forum. I assume when I read these things that the people posting them are aware someone is reading them - and maybe even occassionally tell someone else something they what seen, like say a parent. I read things and discuss them with people around me.   A good friend once told me, she didn't feel any guilt about posting something as long as it was TRUE.

The point is: I am not a "nosey f*n bitch" and I did not "start sh*t with your mother". I only told my mom that your Facebook said that you had moved. That's it and this is pretty much where this story goes to ground. I'm not launching a COUNTER CAPS LOCK ATTACK. As I feel the adjectives in front of bitch would just stack up and I'm not apologizing. 

Life does not suck. It's not so boring.  It's really kinda great even the crappy parts.  Excessive cursing also doesn't mean you're a badass. It just means you're hiding behind a monitor. And you have alot to learn about growing up. 

I'll be seeing you sometime in the future as it seems with family you always do. Like it or not. 

But I'll be the one holding the skateboard next time....not getting hit with it. 

I leave you with the awesome Gemma..my sometimes hero from Sons of Anarchy. Handling things the old way...you know before Facebook. 

January 2, 2013

My Christmas was better than your NYE.

So's if you're here reading you have successfully survived another Christmas (or the imaginary war on said holiday). You probably also survived a New Year's celebration featuring a strong beverage of which you are currently paying for. It's okay if you're too old to drink like a fish or too young to handle it. I stayed home on the holiday itself - took down my lights and had a fabulous bowl of chilli. Not even one night before, I spent the whole day in Christmastown taking in the lights, a hot tottie, a giant pretzel and carnival almonds. Also the Redskins won via Mom's couchside coaching - so life is peachy.
2012 was *the* best year of my professional 9-5 job life. I got awardish type things: A GIANT PLAQUE (it's big enough to cover 2/3's of my body), a letter from the DoD, a picture with the Admiral, 2 coins, 2 baskets of flowers, more trips to Chilli's than you can shake a stick at, 2 cakes, and more hugs and Thank You's than ever. If 2011 was the dream deferred, then 2012 was the climb back - and the climb continues.
Friday I celebrate the unfortunate anniversary of Taste Trauma 2012. Food poisoning + passing out = head/shoulder injury. Secretary Clinton I felt/feel your pain. Here's to a speedy recovery on her pain and my wallet!
I seen some friends walk out the door - but more came in (including a niece/nephew Paxton in progress ETA August 2013.)
My goals for 2013?..
Let's see - I've long wanted to crash into a food tray. I want at least one photo with teeth where my gums are not showing. I want to replace the meat in an enchilada with pumpkin filling and see who notices. I want to swim alot more. I want a place with a yard big enough to mow and a kitchen with room to open the stove and the drawer simultaneously. I want at least 4 trips by train and waaaay more hugs and kisses.
No resolve here - just a wish out into the universe for some good things.
As G said - That's it. The end. :)