May 17, 2010

Leslie Journal May 15-16

Weight: 1_0
Number of Coke Zeros consumed: 12
Insect bites acquired in a 20 minute walk around the block: 9
Number of "attempted" runs up Mt. Trashmore: 2
New TV taken in: Pregnant at 70, Pregnant and Paralyzed, and Pregnant and morbidly Obese --then a switch over to VH-1 for Tough Love Couples, What Chilli Wants, and Brandy and RJ.

I spent most of Saturday looking for old letters my mom wrote to add to a scrapbook, ironically I put them away not to lose and have lost them even worse. :?  I'm vowing to speak to St. Anthony this evening to see if we can work on this problem.

My nephews each took turns testing my endurace with a veritable obstacle course of activities this weekend, I took 6 ibuprofen, a women's 1-a-day and a red bull and attempted to make them "tired." 

LJ ran up and down Mt. Trashmore 3 times. I did once. I did however, cheer enthusiastically and hobble to the top. On the other side - we "discovered" a wooden kingdom of sorts where LJ encouraged me to follow him. I got stuck twice on the slides and was reminded of childhood and why I stopped riding slides.

Teri enjoys being strolled and listening to my ipod, so that was relaxing the first walk around. By walk number 7 of cheering and clapping - I begin to think I was being featured in a physical fitness montage sequence. FYI: there is never just one thing that you can do with children. Running, playing, eating - it's just like Doritos..if you spin them once you must spin them 50 x.

Cam and I celebrated our first hour of non-crying (wailing) - I was awarded a smile, a burp, and then 2 hours of screaming and crying. I have not given up on Cam.  I did however drink half a bottle of wine and fall asleep in the living room...when his parents got home of course.