April 20, 2011

Where we last left off....

What I really need to insert right here is a montage video (which I'm learning how to make...so soon very soon). To make a long story short - I got a new job. I blogged about my hopes and goals for 2011 on my other blog. Which I silently call my "Kelly Rowland" blog because Gardler and Hench are this blog's Beyonces.

I miss writing here and am getting encouraged to write again - and so hesitantly I'm going to try to come back again.. one more time - so let's start with an old email to get everyone back up to speed..This is from January, but it works well for a then to now.

Greetings Scoobies,

I was seriously settling down to respond to each of you in slightly different ways, but since I'm telling the same story over and over again. I thought this might be a better option.

Sorry I've been "off the grid" recently - no phone calls, no texts, barely an email.

I started my new job Monday and privacy comes at a shortage here. They are doing construction, and while I'll have my own space soon (March) I don't have it now. We are packed in here tight..and I am sitting less than a foot away from the marketing vice president! So it's not in my best interest at the moment to spend too much time on my phone or even in gmail. Much like Rock Band, I have to "win the crowd" to stay in the game. Anyhoo, currently I'm running two programs off a tiny laptop on a table in the center of the room. I'll return to your social Leslie as soon as I can...hopefully Feb. (or even mid Jan.) but for right now - I'm texting in the quiet spaces of the ladies room. (Hence the non response or Leslie under fire texts).

While the logistics situation isn't optimal I'm really enjoying the nature of the work and the design projects.

My graphics counterparts are talented and they both bring different things (video editing, flash, an awesome font collection) to the table and I think there's alot I could learn from them. I even hesitantly showed someone a powerpoint trick yesterday, but since they are doing this themselves...I'm trying to keep the ppt secret hidden as long as I can. (Forever if at all possible.) It's cool for me because I'm knowledgeable about print aspects of gd so I've been helping them package media kits and get things ready for the printer.

Given my limited technology situation at the moment - I've only been given a few small tasks, but even small is not small as it has to be approved through a marketing team (reminds me of working for the paper again). And they really pay attention to resolution, colors, if something is offensive..etc. etc.

----- insert elevator music in the section where the primary details are..sorry stalkers...I won't list that on here ever ------------------

At any rate, miss you all - and hope to be back track (socially, lux lunching etc ..by Feb).

Peace and grooviness

- Leslie