April 27, 2007

Shame on you, Ando!

For taking time out from saving the world to get your master's online.
Although, the whole "Thinking ahead" tagline is sort of appropriate, maybe that'll be his special power.

April 24, 2007

Who doesn't need a pan flute?

I recently was discussing Treo and Q phones with one of my friends the other day. My big argument was that the whole purpose of a phone was to talk to someone who was away from you. Which you can't essentially do if the speakers are replaced with keys and the earpiece is some funky chip (bluetooth) which only picks up background noices, wind blowing, and static.

So imagine my joy when I watched this jewel on Conan the other night.

Iphone - it's everything.

April 23, 2007

Cookie Monster

I felt mildly ashamed/silly today after I ate half a cookie left on my desk. It had an attached sticky note that said "what do you think??" Sooooo - I wrongly assumed that it was a cookie for the eating, when it was actually a 20 dollar collector's cookie I was to scan.

I suddenly know how dogs feel when they chew through owners slippers.

In my world, cookies are for eating. Not collecting!

April 22, 2007

This weeks silly mis-typed phrase ---

"Yeah, inside too - but I need to get some amoral wipes because I'm afraid I don't think the wiping went really good."

- My cousin when asked about her poor car cleaning habits.

An amoral wipe just sounds so naughty. I'm thinking she probably meant to say armoral.

April 12, 2007

What the hell is going on with Mother Nature?

Wow, I complain a lot (see last post).

Seriously, what is wrong with her? How could it have been 84 and 82 last Monday and Tuesday respectively, and then not get out of the 50's for the following 8 days? And it is not supposed to go above 62 for the rest of this week or next, with plenty of temperatures in the 40's between now and then. And what is with all the freakin' rain? We aren't going to have any May flowers with all this stupid cold weather, so the April showers can just fuck right off.

Are we pissing her off or something, my god! I'm so over this, I don't think I can take another winter. I hope this summer is 95 degrees everyday here.

Anybody care to join me in Hawaii or Tahiti? We can find jobs as waitresses or maids in the huge resort hotels, like in Blue Crush. Not that I have seen that movie or anything. Really. I've just heard about it from people. Or something. Someone other than me.