July 30, 2012

Want this now.

July 30th's needful thing (want).

Okay so maybe you could argue that I do need it to develop apps..which is what my job will evolve into.

But right now..I selfishly want to cruise the internet from my sofa, draw things with a stylus, play Angry Birds on big screen and download the most recent Buffies and Walking Dead comics from the (safety) comfort of my living room.

Hash tag selfish. Hash tag savings death.

July 15, 2012

July Gratitude Journal

I'm going to attempt to chronicle some of the things that I'm happy about versus bitching all the time for awhile here. Heavens knows we all have enough crap to deal with on the regular.

July 13th 
Today I jumped my first car battery. So I'm happy for iphone and it's easy step by step how to. Here's hoping I never have to change a tire(!).

I'm happy for friends who have decided to "live their truths" and wish them luck on the boldness to do so. 

I'm thrilled that G is down in New Orleans making travel plans and trips and hopefully eating all things Cajun with her sister and having a blast.

I'm also happy that a big surprise doesn't in fact need to be an atomic bomb of one all the time - i.e. pregnancy, divorce, pending nuptials. It can indeed be an epic "arm covering tattoo" who keeps it concealed for well over a week (nice one Magic Miller!). ........And it most definitely can be a long lost little (not so little) brother standing at your doorstep after 4+ years and his new wife ..who makes herself at home when she couldn't be farther from hers..and makes it extremely easy to like her. :)

The complete set!

July 6, 2012

June Randoms

May 27th
Mom is here. Yay! New flowers, clean house, and avalanche of Judy-type software updates to install.

June 8th
My mom bought me quite possibly my favorite present... Wait correction, 3rd favorite. Seafish being #1 (my first car!) and Cob Web (the grumpy cat) being #2.  Opsail parade witnessed.

June 9th
Hair did. Confidence overflowith. Harborfest/Opsail (?)  fireworks from great non-chaotic parking spot. Mental note taken and location logged in.

June 10th
Mom is gone. So sad. So alone. - Ooo, True Blood is back on!

June 16th
Checked out Boardwalk Art show with Miss Page and realized I was undercharging for basically everything I've ever done.

June 18th
Softball Blitzkrieg: The Unicorns fall in a most unceremonious and painful manner..oh wait that was my arm.

June 24th
Kayaking trip with the Page sisters - Pros: Seen dolphins, pelicans, and seagulls catching fish! First experience propelling and steering watercraft.
Cons: 3rd experience with sea/heat sickness, nauseating swaying, total failure at boat safety, the scariest bruise I've ever incurred, and total failure at dragging kayak 2 miles down the shoreline.

June 25th
First ever rained out softball game - not entirely sad about this, mostly due to the infamous and not famous yet -  "Kayak Beatdown" and arm decomposing while attached to body.  Get overcharged for food at the exchange - not a total loss here...much needed "uniform" and Navy community research.

June 26th
Left work early to attend to home wear and tear. Played Zelda with LJ until the nunchuk finally made it's final ascent into tech heaven. Note: LJ "blows" on the Wii Mote the same way I used to blow the dust out of the old catridges.

June 29th
Midnight Tornado strikes Covington...Mom sends cryptic text at 1am rather than calling me. I start to worry this is the end of the phone conversation in a real meaningful way.

June 30th
Crazy storms and heat waves make it to Norfolk.  Finally catch up "verbally" with my mom. She's okay but lacking basically all items that separate us from the cave dwellers. Beyonce (the cat) wedges herself between the stove and the cabinet and gets some sorta cooking oil all over her fur.  I incur the fury of "bathpocalypse".  The yellow guppy dies.  I'm suspecting an inner tank murder scenario. My money is on Red Guppy aka Mayhem.