March 28, 2008

Some cute for no reason

This is a video of my friend's friend's baby pretending to know how to read. He's one, and adorable.
No, I can't figure out how to embed the video here as it's hosted on the daddy's own website & I don't have quicktime pro....

March 25, 2008


While I usually shy away from work tales or blogs of extreme personal nature or meaning I thought I’d share a recent event that shone a little light into my world of cubicles, epic powerpoints and org charts.

This past Monday I was doing a routine office clean up, as from time to time my area gets junky and I need to remove dated materials that contain certain confidential information. Upon reading some of the documents slated for execution by recycle I thought “these have personal stuff - they should be shredded”. Given that my department does not own it’s own shredder I asked coworker B whose I could borrow or if there was a lender shredder available.

I was directed to June in the redacted dept.
I asked to borrow June’s paper shredder - a 2008 shiny blue silent CANON. It’s about the size of a humidifier and on wheels. To which she responded in a machine gun like patter “you can’t, it’s new, it’s mine, i mean it belongs to this department, I just don’t think I could have you wheelling it around.”

To me anything after no is drivel, so i went into plan B mode, flapped my hands to stop the tirade of why she didn’t think I was capable enough of operating and returning her shredder and tried to move on to something else. When she attempted to convince me “why couldn’t I just hand tear them”??

Feeling defeated I went next door and looked sadly at another coworker who gladly handed over her $10 office max shredder and let me use it for the following hour (In which it was promptly returned).

I tried to imagine in my mind a world where I would be denied a paper shredder. What did she think I was going to do? Put squirrels in it? And why “wheeling around”? Was I going to ride it down the stairs? And mine? The only thing that is truly mine in my office are my pictures, my keyboard, and my knick knacks that remind me of a life far far from annual reports and if anyone wanted to borrow said knick knacks, I know I could retrieve them from inside the building.

I don’t really care anymore about shredding private documents and I don’t have the energy to hand tear them. But should I ever get my hands on June's shredder. I’m going to put cheese in it. Just because. AND I might, just maybe take it roller skating with me.

March 14, 2008


For a very very long time, my Friday and Sunday nights (7 years almost) were spent with Mulder and Scully. I know, I know - hard to believe the epitome of cool you read before you today was (IS) such an uber dork.

Anyways this is probably only big news to me (and myself alone) trapped out here in my office, but there is another X-Files movie! And I had no idea it was coming out this year! Through an accidental wiki adventure I found a preview someone recorded on their cell phone during a comic-con. And I must say despite the fact I couldn't hear it, and could barely see it -- I was totally giddy at that grainy crappy mpg.

While the years sans Mulder didn't do much for me..the show and it's conspiracy storyline have reminded me "the truth is out there" and "I Believe".

Little did I know how often I would apply those thoughts to corporate America.

March 13, 2008

Sketch Time Warp

While we wait for G to find my Pizza Guy that I drew for her "Graffitti Wall" all those Vodka-ridden days ago...I started trying to remember what he looked like.

I tried to think about how I would have drawn him back then. And these were what I came up with....If you are a possessor of any artistic college artifact of mine, you'd probably have a comic book character thingy with these absence of hands, an embarrassing cod piece and Gambits Hairdo from the X-men.

My current sketch issues now are: drawing things without pupils, still drawing hands (i really just need to spend a day locked in a room with hand models), and any sorta attempt at refinement in general.

I can't remember how we came up with the pizza guy. I just remember G's wall being filled with witty quotes and smiley faces and thinking it needed a sexy watchmen of sorts. I prolly should have drawn a dog-n-burger avenger now that I think about it.

March 11, 2008





March 2, 2008

To go Home

I thought that I'd posted a picture of this thing back in November, from nighttime, but it's not showing at the moment. Anyway, they've added a whole bunch more beach balls, and I think it's kind of cool.

My brother moved into a new place today. It was built in the 60's, originally as motel rooms. Long since turned into "condos", his place is two units (one on top of the other) combined in a very typical Wildwood slapdash fashion in that none of the rooms have logical proportion and there are all sorts of extra doors leading nowhere in particular. The bathrooms are quite distinguished, though...all with a set tile candy color scheme. The one bathroom has a purple toilet! Purple porcelain. The tub & sink are purple too. (Dunno why I didn't photograph, will the next time, though).

Today was a perfect "Wildwood in the Winter" day. The wind was whipping , street signs clanking against themselves, and the ocean howling quietly down empty, empty streets. You almost feel like you're sneaking into the store while the owner is away.