August 1, 2011

I'm not asking you to leave.....

I really loved this silly little blog for a time.  And as silly as cliche's are, I really wanted to say peace out instead of just disappearing off somewhere else. You see OEF was here before Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter.. It was this happy retreat where I could share my life. Fast forward to present: there are too many ways to share and like that guy in college.. I am now "the 30 year old".  People are more single serve cones and like their life experiences in 140 characters or less.

I'm still too lazy to communicate the old fashioned way - i.e. the phone.  I still see Hench and G in cyberspace (everyday) and occasionally in real life. That being said - I started this blog with a group and it feels odd to jabber on here in a solo capacity.  I came to this conclusion oddly enough watching the Temptations concert at Town Point Park, and then felt robbed when I found out it was only one member of the Temptations.  I shivered thinking: OEF featuring Leslie...or myself standing by the microphone with two empty mikes by my side.  It's the same old song, but a different meaning since you've been gone..

You can still find me over in Lavaponyland and on Facebook and I'm going to eventually start my own solo writing blog when the time permits. It'll probably be lists of things I like or song lyrics..or lists of things I f*kn hate! Or maybe more of the same.

It's been real y'all.