April 6, 2017

Leslie Journal - 4.6.2017

Hair Status: Back in brown town.

Weight: Undetermined.  Skirt season has returned and all pants are banished until otherwise noted.

  • Finish VAB I courseware
  • Finish VAB II courseware
  • Finish Mymic website
  • Finish Leslie website
  • Squeeze in life between items 1-4. 
  • Try to explain why LOTR: the Two Towers is the worst of the movies because of all the walking.
  • Remember my value. 

Anxiety Level: 3 bowls..err glasses of wine per evening

The good stuff: Mom called just to say she loved me on her lunch break today, yes...like the Stevie Wonder song. LJ and Teri have volunteered to do "multimedia" at church, so they could help ME with my work. Waylon is walking now, and also helping his mom clean their kitchen with his tongue. Busch Gardens is open.  AND my sports team (beach Wiffle Ball) WON a game. Bey and Marcie are the best fur kids ever. 

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