May 27, 2014

For Ian...

but mostly, really and truly for Judy

10 things I hate about Dogs.

I hate the way you bark and bark.
I hate that you make a mess when you eat your food.

I hate early morning walks in the park....
and I really hate picking up your poop.

I hate carrying your short legs up the stairs.
I hate driving you around.
I really hate cleaning the sofa and lint rolling the hairs

I hate it when you make me laugh, and this strange new feeling I’ve found

Mostly I hate that I don’t hate you...
and that we don’t abandon (fur) family whether bark or purr or meow.


Leslie said...

For anyone that's still reading (or you, 45 year old Leslie) - Ian passed away this past Saturday under the care of my mom, who despite a grumpy outward exterior - loves all animals poopy, barky, purry, scaly and feathery. (And so does her daughter who still has a great deal to learn about making space in your life for things). For the record Ian was a baby, and much better friend than some of my human cousins.

Carol Ann said...

So sorry! I just went back and read that post from 2006...when I was still giving Uma side-eye. In 2014 I can't go 30 minutes without telling Uma how beautiful she is, hugging her, patting her butt (which she loves). Pets are better than people.

Carol Ann said...
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