January 21, 2014

Stuff - The 10 year anniversary edition.

It's hard to believe our little writing endeavor is 10 years old. In honor of our neglected masterpiece, I asked the girls to revisit this list from 2004 (without looking at the old one) in between editing, disease-cataloging, and faux-info-meme making. Folks grab your Snuggies, we're list writin' and revisiting.

Leslie's stuff = blue
Hench's Stuff = green
G's Stuff = purple (note: G is still composing her portion at the time of posting).

1.Word(s) that you really really hate:
Please + advise (when used in combination together) and fupa (which I didn't even know existed until my brother posted on facebook, thanks Larry).
Spunk, moist, headache

2. One place you would like to visit before you are too old to travel:
Vancouver and Glacier National Park.

3. One thing you believed in college that no longer holds true:
The career that makes you professionally happiest, may not necessarily be the one that affords you happiness after work. What I'm saying is: live your dreams, but make sure you can afford them.
That life stretches out before me with infinite time to do the things I want to do

4. One sound that will always make you smile sadly yet fondly:
I live near an airport and have for sometime, I like the way my mom claps her hands and runs to the door to see which plane is flying over.
The sound of a classic car

5. Word(s) that you really love:
Flotsam and Jetsam, genius, malevolent, zany, and tuna.
Summer, evening, grace, ocean

6. One book that you would recommend to anyone, anywhere:
Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.
The Given Day, by Dennis Lehane

7. One movie that was actually better than the book:
I'm definitely going with the Hunger Games on this one. I know, I'm risking being tossed in the stockade and having fish thrown at me by Muppets.
Still have to go with The Last of the Mohicans

8. One person who has shocked you by having a child out of wedlock:
None really - maybe one acquaintance on Instagram, but she was always a gypsy, so again not really that shocking.
Well, hmm...Jessica Simpson?

9. One person you think lives in a bad neighborhood so they can feel superior:
I have friends that live in Riverview (Norfolk) although I think it's because they like the zoo.
Nobody now

10. Song quote that expresses your feelings on current events or life in general:
I have a whole playlist of songs that are helping me survive "mid-thirties".
But in particular: Arcade Fire, The Suburbs (song)

So can you understand
Why I want a daughter while I'm still young?
I wanna hold her hand
And show her some beauty
Before this damage is done - Arcade Fire

"Feeling sick and helpless, lost the compass where 'self' is. I know what I gotta do, and I can't help it." -Macklemore
11. Actor/actress/celebrity that you feel irrational disdain for and why:
Not a big fan of Woody Allen - I don't get the appeal at all. Not my bag.
And the cast of Two and Half Men - no idea why that show is still on and the salaries are so high.
Sometimes I'm weirded out by Scarlet Johansen.

Most of my disdain is rational....maybe Blake Lively? She's a pretty rotten actress. Is she still a celebrity?

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